Our Newest Addition – Activated Charcoal Soap

We made our activated charcoal soap so it can be used as a deep-cleansing face wash. It cleans out your pores and leaves your skin feeling great. Cleansing facial bars are awesome for treating acne or blackheads. We use only natural ingredients and never use sulfates or parabens.

Activated charcoal soap is made by heating a high-carbon material to a high temperature, then activating it with steam or hot air. Its large surface area allows it to absorb toxins, so activated charcoal in soap theoretically binds to dirt and oils on the skin and helps clear pores.

One soap can do so much, right? This exfoliating facial cleansing soap cleans deep inside the pores while soothing and healing the skin. Perfect for combination or acne-prone skin, and great for blackheads! Try it on your face or body.