Our Story

How it started?

The Halal Soap Shop was founded in November 2021. However, the founder, Dilshad’s soapmaking journey began 13 years ago. When Dilshad moved to Canada in 2009, she found it difficult to buy soaps which had no chemicals and animal fats in them. It’s during this time an idea popped up. Dilshad thought to herself, “well, why don’t I make my own soap?”. So she invested her time and energy into studying how she could make her own soap.

After several trials, she finally made her own handmade soap that she fell in love with. In the years since, she has never purchased soap from a third party. Rather than take pleasure in her soaps by herself, she began giving them as gifts to her family and friends. Her passion for soapmaking and the positive feedback from family and friends led her to launch her own business, The Halal Soap Shop. 

Dilshad delicately handcrafts each soap with lots of passion, patience, hope and sweet touches of love. Each soap is unique in itself in terms of design and properties. Soaps are made in small batches. Serious consideration of our impact on the environment is taken during the soapmaking process. All the soaps at Halal Soap Shop do not contain any harmful preservatives, chemicals, sulfates and parabens.

The ingredients used are ethically sourced and are of the finest quality. They are 100% halal. 

Should you desire a custom-made soap, Dilshad will work with you to create the perfect soap.